How Every Physician Can Be Debt Free and Build Wealth... (without Burning Out)  

Becoming Debt Free and Building Wealth Is Attainable

What if you could pay off debt, start building wealth and enjoy your life? I can tell you it’s possible because I’ve done it for myself and taught others to do the same. As a physician, you have sacrificed so much to create the life you want. Yet you still feel like you’re not there yet.  

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In this ebook, you will discover the tips and tricks I use so that you can:  

  • Pay off debt quicker 
  • Start building legacy wealth now with flexibility
  • Cultivate more happiness in your work and life
  • Have time to spend with family, friends and those important to you
  • Gain the skills to help you make financial decisions with more confidence
  • Get started on multiple streams of income, or grow current streams of income  

Take these 30 tips and add them to support your financial journey!  

Go from fear of being broke, working your life away without fully living it to being financially free, spending more time with your kids and traveling for fun!

Physicians Guide by Nana Korsah, M.D.

What are people saying? 

“Nana is an amazing coach and has helped me see that financial clarity and success is within reach!” - Regina Hardin, Pedicatrician  


Nana Korsah, MD is a former Nephrologist turned locum Hospitalist. Board certified in Internal Medicine. She has side gigs as a Telemedicine Physician, Neora skincare/wellness company brand partner, a certified life, and financial coach for physicians who want to pay off debt and live wealthy lives quicker. She helps physicians who want to enjoy the lives they sacrificed so much to create, but they don't know where to start. She helps them build wealth and say yes to the lives they want using the magic of personal finance and multiple streams of income.

I help physicians get out of debt and live wealthy lives faster using the magic of personal finance and multiple streams of income. Interested? Click this link to book your wealthy life of freedom free consultation now.